Dana Hewling, Branding Specialist
Yes You Can: A Marketing Guidebook for Entrepreneurs

Yes You Can...

  • Go digital and still build connections
  • Build meaningful experiences
  • Innovate to fit the needs/capacity of today
  • Devise strategies for growth

Created with branding, marketing, and business in mind, get the ultimate guidebook for entrepreneurs. Available as a fillable Digital PDF or 8" x 10" spiral-bound workbook.

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"In a world where many are striving to be good at something, it has been my mission is to be remarkable."

Dana S. Hewling, ACB, CL


I’ve been described as being “likkle but tallawah.” This translates to being small and mighty. I may be small in size, but I am mighty (just like the island of Jamaica I proudly call home). It takes a special kind of person to navigate the tough world of communications, but I am more than happy to do the job. My passion for advertising and branding started through one internship. Since then, I have learned many life lessons. Some of these lessons are based on determination and courage. In 2014, I made the decision to take the plunge into entrepreneurship. I am the proud Founder and Creative Director for b.iD LLC, an award-winning, dedicated branding and design agency. My team and I work diligently to ensure that businesses are able to utilize communication, design, and strategy to build valuable connections with their target audiences and achieve business goals.

While I am a multi-faceted designer, branding is my first love. Whether working with clients, leading workshops, speaking with students or prospective entrepreneurs, branding is always part of the conversation.

I'd love to have that conversation with you.

Meet Dana
Award-winning Branding Specialist

Branding Specialist

As a branding specialist, I have obtained inspiration from various aspects of my life. As mentioned, creativity has been an integral part of my youth and well into adulthood. As the Founder and Creative Director of a creative marketing agency, I have gained powerful insight into what it takes to provide not just good branding, but remarkable branding and communication strategies. Branding and identity are the core elements of my business as well as the disciplines I am most passionate about. This passion has been made evident through my experience as a marketing professional. I have been able to empower small businesses through the power of branding in conjunction with other marketing disciplines to help companies obtain goals, such as increased conversion rates, expanded social media presence, better web design, better graphic design, impactful copywriting, and strategic marketing consulting to empower organizations that are in need of a new identity to compete in an ever changing and increasingly competitive markets. Branding and identity is not just about creating a logo and calling it a day (although we certainly designs logos!).

It takes discipline and dedication to produce a worthwhile branding campaign. Ensuring entrepreneurs understand the importance branding and identity strategies hold for their success is my passion. From my perspective, I define branding as an individual, a company or organization’s heart represented visually. Branding means everything, and I am here to provide the path necessary to transform organizations into profitable and marketable entities ready to create an impact in their communities for the better.


I am proud to be a speaker for all individuals who are searching for a way to empower themselves and to become a better version of themselves. I pride myself on helping business leaders, future marketing professionals, and those who seek guidance about how to navigate competitive markets through the power of branding and identity. I speak to all individuals, young and old, novices to experts. I speak to audiences found in educational institutions such as colleges and universities, high schools, as well as business conferences and provide in-house counsel for organizations searching for answers to their marketing and advertising deficiencies. Some of the topics of conversation and inspiration that I discuss include diversity in advertising, building remarkable and influential brands, the power of consistency, the impact of innovative design, creating an impact through branding, as well as discussing how individuals can feel empowered to create a positive impact for themselves and others. My experiences as a speaker are backed by my partnerships with influential entities, including the American Advertising Federation and their diversity and inclusion initiative The Apex. I am a Toastmasters member with two significant recognitions: the Advanced Communicator Bronze and Competent Leadership titles.

Speaking Style

My speaking style is energetic, inspiring, hopeful, with a little bit of sparkle to encourage and lift up spirits in need of a new perspective and insight into the world of creative marketing, branding and identity disciplines.

Topics and Availability

I am more than happy to share my availability to all entities that are searching for an engaging speaker to discuss all things Branding, Identity & Design, Diversity & Inclusion in Marketing/Advertising, Entrepreneurship, or Building Remarkable Brands. Contact me today for your next event.

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